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4 Tips to Win BIG in Online Fish Tables

Online fish tables are played by millions of people around the world. Not everyone can be a winner, so how can you differentiate yourself and win HUGE amounts of money? Learning to play the game is easy, however learning to master it is very difficult. In this article, we will discuss tips and tricks you can use to win lots of money playing our fish game app.


Tip 1: Prioritize Fish Leaving The Table
To maximize achievable points, prioritize fish that are either going to quickly leave the table or ones that are just about to leave. Since some fish are faster than others, its important to target fast moving ones more than slow moving ones. This is because you will most likely have another chance to target the slower moving ones at a later time.


Tip 2: Understand The Speed of Each Fish
Another key tactic to use while playing online fish tables is to try to understand how fast each type of fish goes. This goes hand-in-hand with tip 1 because if you understand each fish, you instantly know which ones to prioritize and which ones to let go. It also helps to understand the prize worth of each fish too, we will discuss this further later in the article. This allows you to efficiently gain points without wasting ammo.


Tip 3: Stay Away From Hidden or Very Difficult Fish
While playing you may notice hidden or very difficult to hit fish. Although these types of fish will allow you to gain many points, it is oftentimes not worth your ammo to peruse them. If you do choose to take the chance to shoot difficult fish, take your time with it as it is very easy to loose lots of ammo.


Tip 4: Learn The Points of Each Fish
Every fish has a different value of points to be won. Depending on your playstyle, you want a good balance of medium to high value fish. Playing too risky and only going after high-value fish might make you loose ammo fast. How risky you play is entirely up to you, though. Each fish also has a behavior pattern, some fish go horizontally, vertically, and zig-zag. These behavior patterns correlate with their speed and points. Learning these is very important to be able to win large amounts of money playing online fish tables.


To be able to play fish table game online is very easy however winning lots of money is not. We hope this article helps you in winning BIG on Orion Stars Online. Comment below any additional tips you have found while playing our fish game app!

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